Jim Lynch

Presents 6 Intriguing Fiction Novels

  • Communists, Capitalists & Cokeheads
  • Boomers, Bastards & Boneheads
  • Flunking Chemistry Class
  • Seekers, Sinners & Simpletons
  • The Rhapsody Players
  • 2020 Players

NEWEST RELEASE: Communists, Capitalists & Cokeheads

Communists, Capitalists & Cokeheads 

The second novel in The Generations Series is entitled: Communists, Capitalists & Cokeheads: The Connected Generation. It picks up where the first novel Boomers, Bastards & Boneheads left off and covers the period of the 1980’s. It introduces the next generation of Babcocks and Johnsons, while dealing with residual issues of infidelity, sexual torment and manslaughter, which the previous generation had left unresolved. 

Once again Shenandoah High School, baseball, politics, spirituality and music provide a structural context. Fox Babcock and his half-sister Maureen “Mo” Babcock play prominent roles. Vietnam War hero Mickey Johnson remarries (his first wife died in the earlier novel, BB&B.) and his new wife Sydney (A/K/A ‘Syd’) delivers three children into their family. Syd Johnson has an Italian father and an African American mother.
Which of her three lovers will 23 year old, flower child/political activist, Simone Muirchant choose? Will it be her wealthy blue-blooded fiancé? Could she choose the high school senior who is her passionate clandestine lover? Will she succumb to the earthy insensitivity of the mysterious third man in her love life? Or will she simply sustain all three lovers?

The above interrogatories address the central plot dilemma for the first of four novels in a fictional quartet entitled The Generations Series.One early reader has described the 4 volume epic as “Jay Gatsby meets Forrest Gump.” Set in Nassau County on Long Island, (suburban New York), the 50 year saga is illuminated by the evolution of thoughts, behaviors and mores in the United States from 1965 through 2016.

Flunking Chemistry Class

Flunking Chemistry Class: The Baseball Players is a comical parody of the steroid era in Major League Baseball. The novel lampoons the sport as it chronicles some of MLB’s absurd attempts to abort the PEDs abuse scandal, which made a mockery of the national pastime over the last 20 years. 
The author creates a mythical MBL or Multinational Baseball League that includes domestic franchises such as the Bronx Bloomers, the Hollywood Hedgers and the Metropolitan Mutts. It also introduces some international franchises such as the Sydney Kangaroos and the Seoul Searchers and a bumbling global commissioner, Buzz Selout.


 Seekers, Sinners & Simpletons

Life is never simple. Seekers, Sinners & Simpletons explores the complexities of an eclectic group of people and how they view their own spirituality when confronted with a series of seemingly unrelated crimes.
Harry “Patch” Munson is an Alabama chicken farmer who travels to Tampa, Florida and kills Aaron Fein the proprietor of The Fein Center for Women. Munson appears to have been motivated by the sermons of Alabama televangelist, Billy Brand. Coincidently, an unrelated mass murder of students at a nearby university takes place eight minutes later and five miles away.

The year is 2020, and the next United States presidential election looms on the near horizon. Three interwoven concerns dominate the national conversation: the election; the ever-fulminating possibility of domestic terrorism; and the very real specter of an international threat. 

The election heats up fast for candidate Josh Struben, a razor-sharp financier, and his striking wife Gina, an international singing sensation and ardent activist. Also in the mix are Chinese industrialist Sun Feng, CIA operative "CC" Catherine Cauley, Islamic terrorist Faraq Hussein, and Kenneth Brady, the brilliant host of a network news show whose personal life defies convention. As their agendas, lives, and fates collide, each of them find themselves hanging in the balance of right and wrong, self-preservation, and patriotism.


The Rhapsody Players

This book is a fictional story of the phenomenal success of an intriguing group of businessmen and businesswomen who build one of the world's largest and most successful international enterprises. 

The story line captures real life issues as it follows an intriguing plot that spans the years 2008 through 2012. The author masterfully intersperses the real life concerns about healthcare and the challenges of today's global financial markets in a remarkable chronicle that allows us to question the direction of our collective global future.
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