Boomers Bastards and Boneheads

Boomers, Bastards & Boneheads

Which of her three lovers will 23 year old, flower child/political activist, Simone Muirchant choose? Will it be her wealthy blue-blooded fiancé? Could she choose the high school senior who is her passionate clandestine lover? Will she succumb to the earthy insensitivity of the mysterious third man in her love life? Or will she simply sustain all three lovers?

The above interrogatories address the central plot dilemma for the first of four novels in a fictional quartet entitled The Generations Series. One early reader has described the 4 volume epic as “Jay Gatsby meets Forrest Gump.” Set in Nassau County on Long Island, (suburban New York), the 50 year saga is illuminated by the evolution of thoughts, behaviors and mores in the United States from 1965 through 2016.

This first book, Boomers, Bastards & Boneheads: The Wasted Generation begins in the Vietnam War Era (1965) and carries through to 1980. The multifaceted love life of Simone Muirchant-Babcock leads to the birth of Francis X Babcock Jr (A/K/A ‘Fox’ Babcock) in March of 1966.

As the story unfolds it becomes increasingly clear that Fox is not a Babcock. He is, in fact, a Johnson. This becomes the crux of a multigenerational conflict which includes: mislaid blame, murder(s), misogamy and mayhem. The ongoing plotline expounds upon the carnal truth that there had been a blending of the two families back in 1965. This reality becomes clouded at times but the hatred endures throughout the lifetime of the central characters. Along the way, Simone divorces Frank Babcock Sr. She remarries him – after an encore affair with Mickey Johnson – and eventually divorces Babcock a second time.

The plot crosses the timeline of Vietnam, the sexual revolution, Woodstock, the moon landings, Chappaquiddick, Watergate, the Iranian Embassy hostages and many other history making events. These events provide a framework and a backdrop for the strife between the ultra-wealthy Babcocks and the working class Johnsons.

Simone Muirchant-Babcock is an anti-war activist (Columbia University and the SDS) whose personal behavior in the 1960’s unwittingly led to family war that escalates into tragedy in 1980 for one of the main characters. The novel also uses baseball, music and an all-male Jesuit high school, Shenandoah, as anchoring cornerstones to the plot; the setting and the character development.

The second novel in the Generation Series, Communists, Capitalists & Cokeheads: The Connecting Generation will be published in February, 2017 and generally available in March of 2017.

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