Seekers, Sinners and Simpletons

Seekers, Sinners & Simpletons

Life is never simple. Seekers, Sinners & Simpletons explores the complexities of an eclectic group of people and how they view their own spirituality when confronted with a series of seemingly unrelated crimes.
Harry “Patch” Munson is an Alabama chicken farmer who travels to Tampa, Florida and kills Aaron Fein the proprietor of The Fein Center for Women. Munson appears to have been motivated by the sermons of Alabama televangelist, Billy Brand. Coincidently, an unrelated mass murder of students at a nearby university takes place eight minutes later and five miles away.
Munson’s guilt leads him on a twisted path of additional criminal activity including the kidnapping of African-American supermodel, Carol Mays, who has a child who was sired by Roman Catholic priest, Tim Hanlon. (Munson’s travails read somewhat like the Direct TV commercial; “Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch.”) The interwoven lives of the various characters eventually meld together at a culminating event colloquially known as Hurricane Jesus.

Faced with extraordinary occurrences in their lives the different characters turn to their own spiritual explorations to derive meaning. Some do it with humor and some do it with angst, but they are all forced to come to grips with their own humanity along the way. Forgiveness, Righteousness and the “Dignity of Life,” are recurring themes not only in the sermons of Billy Brand but also in the thoughtful interactions of each of the seekers, sinners and simpletons.

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