The 2020 Players

The 2020 Players

The year is 2020, and the next United States presidential election looms on the near horizon. Three interwoven concerns dominate the national conversation: the election; the ever-fulminating possibility of domestic terrorism; and the very real specter of an international threat. The election heats up fast for candidate Josh Struben, a razor-sharp financier, and his striking wife Gina, an international singing sensation and ardent activist. 

Also in the mix are Chinese industrialist Sun Feng, CIA operative "CC" Catherine Cauley, Islamic terrorist Faraq Hussein, and Kenneth Brady, the brilliant host of a network news show whose personal life defies convention. As their agendas, lives, and fates collide, each of them find themselves hanging in the balance of right and wrong, self-preservation, and patriotism.
While the events propel the characters toward life-defining decisions, this novel provokes debate on a host of all-important questions that span belief systems and global dynamics. Will there be a female president anytime soon? Is the United States ready for its first gay president since James Buchanan? Will "Dictator Dominoes" lead to theocratic unification and sovereignty? How will the USA/China relationship evolve? And, what, exactly, is America's new Manifest Destiny?

As the characters intertwine and the plot also twists with mind-blowing developments, The Twenty-Twenty Players lays down a fascinating, authentic tale of individuals who are both highly believable, and unbelievably riveting. Spellbinding and prescient, The Twenty-Twenty Players is certain to absorb anyone who has ever felt love, sorrow, anger, fear, regret, lust, hatred, or hope. It is a must-read for political junkies who love a sharp exchange on globalism and American Exceptionalism. It also delivers a powerful, cautionary tale on the potentially chilling fallout of world power.

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